Computer and Software Facilities

MTC owns 4 PC workstations (933MHz, 2GHz and 2*3GHz) and a portable 1.8GHz PC. A server with twin 3.2GHz processors are used for complex analysis. Windows-XP and Server 2003 are used for added reliability as the operating systems. Office-2003, including of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, are used for all office type functions.

For 2-dimensional sketching Drafix QuickCAD is used whilst 3-dimensional sketching is done with 3D Design Plus 2.0

For complex handcalculations MathCad 8.0 is used.

For software developments the latest Lahey LF95 Fortran 95 compiler is used. For graphical screen output and user interface the professional version of Visual Basic 6.0 is used.

FLOTANOVA/FreDom - Linearized Frequency Domain Motion Analyzer is an own development following the wealth of experience gained in previous developments of the system SeaFloater for Aker Engineering. Radiation and diffraction data may be read from WAMIT. Alternatively, such data may be generated accurately within FLOTANOVA from tabulated coefficients for pontoon and column elements. For columns, there are advanced algorithms for column interaction corrections according to McIver and Evans.

FLOTANOVA/TiDom - Time Domain Non-linear Motion Analyzer, has also been developed. This program will be used for aspects relating to non-linear installation of TLPs, visualisation of TLP installation, transients caused by a mooring line failure etc.

WAMIT, which is the industry standard radiation and diffraction analyser, has been acquired and is closely interfaced with the FLOTANOVA - Linearized/Time programs. Graphics based modelling software for ships and column structures for WAMIT modelling has been developed as well as a number of result postprocessing programs.

WintCol, which is directly linked with FLOTANOVA/FreDom is used to generate coefficients for springing analysis

MTC-LongLife is a spectral long term statistics and fatigue life analyzer. Springing fatigue, in combination with first order wave fatigue, may be accounted for